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PP Series Portable Impact Crusher

The PP Series Portable Impact Crusher which SANME manufactured is made by the latest manufacturing technology,and is made of high-chrome plate hammer and wearable impact plates, is high crushing ratio.



Max feeding size


Raw materials

River pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.)


Stone mining, metallurgy industry, building material, highway, railway, and chemical,etc.

The Outstanding Performance of PP Series Portable Crusher

PP Series Portable Impact Crusher

Great Mobility

PP Series Portable Crushing Plants are of short length. Different crushing equipment is separately installed on a separate mobile chassis. Its short wheelbase and tight turning radius mean they can be transported on highway and moved at crushing sites.

PP Series Portable Impact Crusher

Lower Transportation Cost

PP Series Portable Crushing Plants can crush materials on-site. It is unnecessary to carry the materials from one site and then crush them in another one, which can greatly lower the transporting cost for off-site crushing.

PP Series Portable Impact Crusher

Flexible Configuration and Great Adaptability

According to the different requirements of different crushing process, PP Series Portable Crushing Plants can form the following two processes of "crushing first, screening second" or "screening first, crushing second". The crushing plant can be composed of two-stage plants or three-stage plants. The two-stage plants consists primary crushing plant and secondary crushing plant, while the three-stage plants includes primary crushing plant, secondary crushing plant and tertiary crushing plant, each of which is of high flexibility and can be used individually.

The Design Features of PP Series Portable Crusher

PP Series Portable Impact Crusher

Mobile chassis conforms to the international standards. It has standard lighting and braking system. The chassis is heavy-duty design with big section steel.

PP Series Portable Impact Crusher

The girder of mobile chassis is designed to be U style so that the overall height of the mobile crushing plant is reduced. So the loading cost is reduced greatly.

PP Series Portable Impact Crusher

Adopt hydraulic leg(optional) for lift installation.Hopper adopt unitized design,reduce the transport height greatly.

Features of PP Series Portable Impact Crusher

High-performance HC Series impact crusher.

Feeder with car, Vibrating Screen, Belt Conveyor.

Pulling the steering shaft to facilitate road transport.

In-car installation support, equipment site installation fast and convenient.

Supporting the installation of the motor and control box integration.

Mobility, structure is compact, easy to use.

Stable performance, easy maintenance; flexible configuration.

Saving cost, and reducing costs.


PP Series Portable Impact Crusher 
PP Series Portable Impact Crusher
PP Series Portable Impact Crusher
PP Series Portable Impact Crusher
PP Series Portable Impact Crusher

Working principle of PP Series Portable Impact Crusher

Materials by the feeder evenly delivered to the crusher, impact crusher is initial crushing, constitute a closed system circular with vibrating screen, materials achieve to cycle broken, finished materials go to output by the conveyor, and go through continuous crushing operations. According to actual needs of production, we can remove the circular vibrating screen from impact mobile crushing plant, achieve directly to preliminary broken, easy to operate with other crushing equipment, flexible to use.

Product Data

PP Series Portable Impact Crushing Plants (Primary):

Model PP128HC PP139HC PP239HC PP255HC PP359HC PP459HC
Transport dimensions
Length(mm) 10850 10800 11880 11490 13670 13780
Width(mm) 2780 2780 2842 2880 3110 3110
Height(mm) 4400 4400 4616 4460 4780 4950
Impact Crushers
Model HC128 HC139 HC239 HC255 HC359 HC459
Max Feed Size(mm) 300 400 500 500 600 650
Throughput(t/h) 40-70 50-80 100-180 100-290 180-350 220-450
Model GZT0724 GZT0724 GZT0932 ZSW380 * 95 ZSW490 * 110 ZSW490 * 110
Feed hopper volume(m3) 3.2 3.2 7.6 9 10 10
Belt Conveyor
Model B500 * 7.5 B800 * 7 B800 * 7.5 B1000 * 8 B1000 * 8.2 B1200 * 8.3
Permanent Magnetic Separator
Magnetic separator optional optional optional optional optional optional
Return Belt Conveyor
Model B500x7 B650x7.2 B650x7.3 B650x7.3 B650x7.5 B650x7.5
Side Belt Conveyor (optional)
Model B500x2.7 B500x2.7 B500x2.7 B500x2.7 B500x2.7 B500x2.7
Number of Axles 2 2 2 2 3 3

PP Series Portable Impact Crushers (Secondary):

Transport dimensions
Length(mm) 10800 13865 15010 15080
Width(mm) 2480 2780 3006 3150
Height(mm) 4170 4500 4500 4670
Impact Crushers
Model HC139 HC239 HC255 HC359
Max Feed Size(mm) 300 350 350 400
Throughput(t/h) 50-80 100-180 150-290 180-350
Belt Conveyor
Model B650 * 6.2 B650 * 7.5 B800 * 8.2 B1000 * 8.2
Model 3YK1235 3YK1548 3YK1860 3YK2160
Number of Axles 1 2 2 3
The crusher capacities listed are based on instantaneous sampling of medium hardness material. The above data are for reference only, please contact our engineers for equipment selection of specific projects.

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