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TES Series Triaxial Elliptical Vibrating Screen

TES Series Triaxial Elliptical Vibrating Screen adopts advanced vibrating screen technology, reaches international level. It occupies small space for horizontal installation, which makes it widely apply to metallurgy, construction, transportation industries. It is the most ideal equipment for mobile screening plants.



Max feeding size


Raw materials

Granite, limestone, concrete, lime, plaster, slaked lime, etc.


metallurgy, construction, transportation industries.

Features of TES Series Triaxial Elliptical Vibrating Screen Features

High capacity, high screening efficiency;

Moving track of the screening machine is elliptical, movement is stable, with low power consumption;

Double amplitude (15-19mm), vibration direction angle (30°-60°), vibration frequency (645-875r/min) is adjustable, adjustment is convenient; materials screening is smooth, not easy to be plugged, blocked.


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Advantages of TES Series Triaxial Elliptical Vibrating Screen

Three axises drive can make the screen machine produce ideal elliptical movement, it possesses advantages of circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, and the elliptical track and amplitude is adjustable, the vibrating track can be selected according to actual material, it possesses advantages for dealing with material hard for screening;

Three axises drive compels synchronous vibration, which help the screen machine get stable working status, it is advantageous for processing large capacity screening;

Three axises drive improves stress state of screen frame, alleviates load of single bearing, side plate has even force, decrease hard spot, improve stress conditions of screen frame, improve reliability and life of the screen machine, lay a theoretical foundation for upsizing of screen;

Horizontal installation effectively decreases height of machine set, which can perfectly meet requirements of large and middle size mobile screen set;

The bear shall be lubricated by thin oil, effectively decreases bear temperature, lengthens it's life;

With the same screening area, capacity of elliptical vibrating screen can increase 1.3-2 times.

Working principle of TES Series Triaxial Elliptical Vibrating Screen

Structure: Composted of motor, rotation device, vibration exciter, screening box, rubble spring, under-bed, damper, etc.

Working principle: Power is transferred through triangle belt to driven shaft of exciter, gear vibrator (speed ratio is 1), realize three axis rotate with the same speed, produce exciting force, be connected with bolt intensively, produce elliptical movement. The materials move speedily with the screening plant on the surface of the screen, quickly layered, through screen, forwarded, finally finish grading of materials.

Product Data

Technical Data of TES Series Triaxial Elliptical Vibrating screen

         Model          Screen Specification Width*Length (m*m) Screen Area (m*m Screen Mesh Max. Feeding Size (mm) Double Amplitude (mm) Vibrating Frequency (r/min) Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kw)
Deck Mesh
2TES1852 1.8*5.2 9.45 2 Woven wire cloth 150 14-18 645-875 120-250 22
3TES1852 1.8*5.2 9.45 3 Woven wire cloth
14-18 120-250 30
2TES1860 1.8*6.0 10.8 2 Woven wire cloth 14-18 160-320 37
3TES1860 1.8*6.0 10.8 3 Woven wire cloth 14-18 160-320 37
2TES2060 2.0*6.0 12 2 Woven wire cloth 14-18 200-385 37
3TES2060 2.0*6.0 12 3 Woven wire cloth 14-18 200-385 45
2TES2460 2.4*6.0 14.4 2 Woven wire cloth 14-18 240-462 45
3TES2460 2.4*6.0 14.4 3 Woven wire cloth 14-18 240-462 45
The equipment capacities listed are based on instantaneous sampling of medium hardness materials.The above data is for reference only,please contact our engineers for equipment selection for specific projects.

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