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CXFL Series Powder Separator

CXFL Series Powder Separator is based on the rotor type separator which is researched by Silicate engineering institute of Nanjing University of Technology, absorbing world advanced separating technology.



Max feeding size


Raw materials

Sand,Gypsum powder,Powder


Sand production line, building materials, gypsum industry

Features and Technology Advantages of CXFL Series Powder Separator

Adopting the dismountable-combined-spiral material scattering plate, it can quickly make the material uplift and form a uniform-distributed 3D material curtain so as to pre-grade.

Use the dismountable wear-resistant 40Cr round bar to replace the seamless steel pipe. It can not only prevent the powder from being flown into steel pipe if there is a hole being worn out due to long time use, which breaks the balance of rotating cage and cause vibration, but prolong the service life of rotation cage as well.

Optimized design for angle of rotation cage, column grid density, RPM and diameter to satisfy the requirements of powder separating.

Adopted dual rotor structure, the stable forced vortex can be formed by the lower cage rotor, which re-distribute and re-grade the fallen coarse materials and thus increase the efficiency of gradation and precision.

Referring to the international advanced spiral type collector and the property of raw materials, computer simulation design for snail angle collector, reducer plate and height diameter ration has been made to reduce flow resistance and increase collection efficiency.

RPM can be adjusted by using variable speed motor, convenient for fineness adjustment, sensitive and reliable, wide adjustable range.

New-type wear-resistant liner plate is applied to protect all the wear parts, convenient to repair and long life span.

Advanced dry-lubricating is applied on rotation system, which successfully solves the difficulty of bearing easy-worn due to lack of lubrication.

There is almost no vibration due to the use of super-static structure. The whole system vibration is minimized by using new type anti-dust shock absorption fan, which also greatly guarantee the operation stability.


Close-up close-up of CXFL series powder separator
CXFL series powder separator project site

Partial close-up of CXFL series powder separator

Working principle of CXFL Series Powder Separator

The raw material is fed into the separator from the hopper and directly falls on the combined-spiral-blade scattering disk integrated with rotor; those material can be scattered around due to the centrifugal force created by the high speed rotation of scattering disk, and also raised by the lifting air flow produced by the blade at the same time, so there will be constant mixed-boiling in the space, those fine particle will be floated in the space, but those coarse and heavy material will be separated by scattering disk and fall through the wall, the primary separation is completed.

Lower cage-rotor is installed below the scattering disk, it can be rotated along with main shaft and produce vortex air flow, those heavy or coarse material and powder falling through the wall can be broken up, those fine powder will be lifted up and come into the recirculating wind for re-gradation; the coarse powder will be discharged from the inner cone body through a drip device.

Upper cage-rotor is installed above the scattering disk. In the powder separating chamber, the air flow near the surface of grading ring of upper cage-rotor and those material mixed in the air flow will rotate at a high speed driven by grading ring, so there will be an uniform and powerful vortex air flow produced around the grading ring; the centrifugal force can be reached by adjusting governing speed motor and main shaft, when RPM increases, the force will increase, if the air quantity doesn't change, the material diameter to be cut will be small and fine, otherwise, coarse. Therefore, the granularity (fineness) can be flexibly controlled according to specified procedure, grading quality is improved and separating efficiency is enhanced.

Those fine powder graded by upper cage rotor will come into each single whirlwind dust collector together with the circulation air, two air outlets are installed on the new collector and an air guide plate is added to the snail angle of air inlet, also there is a reflection shield added to the inner conical tube, one air brake is added to the lower end of whirlwind drum liner, so the flow resistance of whirlwind dust-collector is greatly reduced. The circulation air enters the collector at a high speed supported by the air guide plate. The air speed will suddenly reduce at the opening location of snail angle, the particle settlement will be quickened and thus the dust-collecting efficiency is improved; the air discharged from the lower air outlet directly enter the high-efficiency dust-collector, which can greatly reduce the dust content mixed in the circulation air and the granularity(fineness).

Product Data

Technical Data of CXFL Series Powder Separator

Model Major Axis Speed (r/min) Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kw) Fan Power (kw)
CXFL-2000 190-380 20-35 11 30
CXFL-3000 150-350 30-45 15 37
CXFL-3500 130-320 45-55 18.5 55
CXFL-4000 120-280 55-75 30 90
CXFL-5000 120-280 75-100 55 132
The equipment capacities listed are based on instantaneous sampling of medium hardness materials.The above data is for reference only,please contact our engineers for equipment selection for specific projects.

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