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Crawler Reclaimer

SANME Crawler Reclaimer adopts advanced and reliable technology, which greatly improves the working efficiency, reduces the labor intensity and shortens the loading and unloading time of vehicles, ships and airplanes. It is an effective equipment for enterprises to reduce product cost, improve efficiency and product quality.
SANME Crawler Reclaimer can directly transport bulk materials such as coals, aggregates from ports, logistics centers and large bulk storage sites to large trucks, ships and planes, with high loading efficiency and high speed. The maximum loading capacity can reach 800TPH.



Max feeding size


Raw materials

Ore, rock, construction waste, steel slag, tailings and etc.


Widely used in the transportation and production lines of cement, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, casting, building materials and other industries, as well as hydropower station construction sites and ports and other production departments

Structures and Advantages:

Easy adjustment of loading height and position. Less vehicle movement during loading process. Energy saving and environmental protection.

Conveyor can be easily folded to reduce the transport size.

Spacious and bright engine maintenance room for convenient and comfortable maintenance.

The open feeding port is suitable for different specifications of materials, large pitch spiral and pattern conveyor belt can meet the requirements of large conveying capacity.

Long distance wireless remote control can clearly observe every movement of the machine during operation and complete the operation adjustment safely and comfortably.

The clear screen and instrument make the operation condition of the machine clear at a glance.

Equipped with self-refueling pump without additional refueling equipment.

SANME Crawler Reclaimer has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance. It is a new type of energy-saving loading equipment to replace the loader.

Features of Crawler Reclaimer

Easy operation: It adopts spiral feeding, crawler walking system and folding conveyor belt for transmission.

The whole machine is very convenient to move, suitable for stone loading and mixing station feeding under any working condition.

The height and horizontal direction of the conveyor belt can be adjusted freely, so the truck does not have to move when loading.

Applicable material: gravel, sand and other bulk materials loading.

Applicable vehicles: Large trucks and ships.

Manufacturing of glass, quartz sand and other high purity material.



Product Data

Technical Specification of Crawler Reclaimer

Overall Dimension  Transportation Length Transportation Height Transportation Width
13400mm 3700mm 3760mm 600-800t/h
Bucket & Screw Bucket width     Driving Mode  
3400mm     Hydraulic (Electrical)  
Conveyor Belt 1 Width Length   Driving Mode  
1000mm 6000mm   Hydraulic (Electrical)  
Conveyor Belt2 Width Length Maximum unloading height Driving Mode  
1000mm 8000mm 5200mm Hydraulic (Electrical)  
Driving System Driving Type (Optional) Power Rotation Speed    
Engine 94kw 1800r/min    
Motor 55kw 1480r/min    
Track System Model Width Length Max Movement Speed Brand
18T class 400mm 3470mm 1.2km/h strickland
Electric System Type of Control
Wireless remote control
Hydraulic Components Pump, Valve, Motor
SAUER Dansoss
The equipment capacities listed are based on instantaneous sampling of medium hardness materials.The above data is for reference only,please contact our engineers for equipment selection for specific projects.

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