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E-SMS Series Cone Crusher

E-SMS series cone crusher adopt fixed main shaft design, and provide a unique combination of main shaft speed, throw and cavity, these changes have improved the capacity and product quality, and also have increased the fine crushing capability, thanks to the interparticle crushing action in the process of crushing, and the shape of aggregate has been improved greatly. SMS series cone crusher enable you to increase the productivity greatly, and decrease the operation cost, they are the satisfactory choices for mining processing or aggregate production.



Max feeding size

≤ 343mm

Raw materials

Iron ore, copper ore, slag, pebbles, quartz, granite, basalt, diabase, etc.


Mining, metallurgy, construction, highway, railroad, and water conservancy, etc.


E-SMS Series Cone Crusher 
E-SMS Series Cone Crusher
E-SMS Series Cone Crusher
E-SMS Series Cone Crusher
E-SMS Series Cone Crusher

Features of E-SMS Series Fully Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The new series cone crusher adopts the international advanced technology, and with superior performance.

The design of fixed shaft and the optimized crushing cavity improve the crushing capacity wholly.

The composition of product size is more stable, and the shape is better.

The full hydraulic standard configuration, simple operation, flexible adjustment.

The independent single- cylinder design makes the system performance stable.

The new integrated base simplify the installation steps.

Improve the shape structure, setting the function and aesthetics in one.

Technology advantages of E-SMS Series Fully Hydraulic Cone Crusher

E-SMS Series Cone Crusher

Fixed main shaft

The biggest advantage is to let all the stress of the parts is more reasonable, power transformation is more effective, and it can be used more eccentric distance and higher speed, so as to reach a higher yield.

E-SMS Series Cone Crusher

Modified insurance cylinder, accumulator

When crusher in iron or other load suddenly increases, the hydraulic oil in the insurance cylinder can flow back to the accumulator instantaneously, the rapid uplift piston rod, so as to better protect crusher spare parts and reduce the impact load on the machine damage.

E-SMS Series Cone Crusher

Clear cavity

SMS series fully hydraulic cone crusher adopts the design of the bumper and clear cavity oil cylinder independently, and use more stable and reliable the single cylinder, so as to improve the reliability of the hydraulic system.

E-SMS Series Cone Crusher

Locking the adjusting ring

Once finish the adjustment of discharge opening, the lock of adjusting ring can fulfill by hydraulic lock, you can press one button to complete the thing, so not only greatly reducing the labor intensity, saving down time, but also ensuring the reliability of the lock.

E-SMS Series Cone Crusher

Hydraulic adjusting the discharge opening

SMS series fully hydraulic cone crusher adjusts the discharge opening through the hydraulic motor drive the adjustment set to achieve, with hydraulic lock solid cylinder locking adjusting sleeve, let you not need to the site can be competed the adjusting work.

E-SMS Series Cone Crusher

Integration base

The totally new design of integrated base includes installation modules, such as the main equipment, motor, belt cover, which simplifies the installation step and bring great convenience for the user.

E-SMS Series Cone Crusher

Optimized cavity, higher capacity

The cavity has characteristics of high output and low energy consumption.Under the same diameter mantle, the crushing stroke longer, larger crushing ratio.Laminated crushing function can be realized when full load, which contributes to better shape (cubic) and more stable product size.

Working principle of E-SMS Series Fully Hydraulic Cone Crusher

E-SMS series fully hydraulic cone crusher is consist of main frame, drive shaft, eccentric, socket liner, crushing body, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, lubrication system and hydraulic system.

When the crusher working, the motor drives the eccentric rotating through the drive shaft and a pair of bevel gear, cone axis does rotary pendulum movement under the force of eccentric sleeve , which makes the mantle surface sometimes near the concave, sometimes far from the concave, so that the ore in the crushing cavity is continually squeezed and being broken.

The material enter into the crusher from the upper feed opening, by crushing can be discharged from the bottom discharge opening.

E-SMS Series Cone Crusher

Product Data

Technical Date of E-SMS Series Fully Hydraulic Cone Crusher:

Model Capacity(t/h)-Open Circuit,Closed Side Setting(mm)
10 12 15 20 25 32 40 45 52 64
E-SMS2000 90-120 105-135 130-170 155-195 170-220 190-235 220-260
E-SMS3000 115-140 130-160 170-200 200-240 230-280 250-320 300-380 350-440
E-SMS4000 140-175 180-220 220-280 260-320 295-370 325-430 370-500 410-560 465-630
E-SMS5000 175-220 220-280 260-340 320-405 365-455 405-535 460-630 510-700 580-790
E-SMS6000 380-500 430-590 450-660 530-770 570-830 650-960 760-1160
E-SMS8000 260-335 320-420 380-500 440-550 495-730 545-800 620-960 690-1050 790-1200
E-SMS8500 465-560 490-580 510-615 580-690 735-980 920-1180 1150-1290 1280-1610 1460-1935

Model Motor Power (KW) Cavity Type Close Side Feed Opening(mm) Open Side Feed Opening(mm) Minimum Discharge Opening(mm)
E-SMS2000 132-160 C 185 208 20
M 125 156 17
F 95 128 15
DC 76 114 10
DM 54 70 6
DF 25 66 6
E-SMS3000 200-220 EC 233 267 25
C 211 240 20
M 150 190 15
F 107 148 12
DC 77 123 10
DM 53 100 8
DF 25 72 6
E-SMS4000 315 EC 299 333 30
C 252 292 25
M 198 245 20
F 111 164 15
DC 92 143 10
DM 52 107 8
DF 40 104 6
E-SMS5000 355-400 EC 335 372 30
C 286 322 25
M 204 246 20
F 133 182 15
DC 95 152 12
DM 57 116 10
DF 40 105 6
E-SMS6000 355-400 EC 350 390 38
C 280 325 30
M 200 250 20
F 120 170 16
EF 60 115 13
E-SMS8000 560-630 EC 353 375 32
C 297 340 32
M 267 308 25
F 219 264 16
DC 155 210 13
DM 92 150 10
DF 33 98 5
E-SMS8500 630 C 343 384 30
M 308 347 25
F 241 282 20
DC 113 162 12
DM 68 117 6
DF 40 91 6
The crusher capacities listed are based on instantaneous sampling of medium hardness material. The above data are for reference only, please contact our engineers for equipment selection of specific projects.

Note:The production capacity table can be used as a data reference for the preliminary selection of E-SMS series hydraulic cone crushers. The data in the table are suitable for materials with a bulk density of 1.6t/m3, screening of feed materials smaller than the discharge port, open circuit Production capacity under operating conditions; under the condition of high fine-grained content in the feed and closed-circuit operation, the equipment capacity is 15%-30% higher than that of open-circuit operation. As an important part of the production circuit, the crusher is an important part of its performance. The performance part depends on the correct selection and operation of the feeder, belt breaker, vibrating screen, support structure, motor, transmission and silo.

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