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Roller Crusher (LN crusher )


250-2200 t/h

Max feeding size

≤ 400mm

Raw materials

crushing raw materials in industries such as construction and road construction.


mining, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries.

Product Introduce

Roller Crusher (LN crusher ) is to use the principle of continuous shearing, milling and extrusion mixed crushing technology to effectively crush stone. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, less fine powder, uniform particle size, beautiful particle shape, etc. Mainly used for crushing construction aggregate 16-31.5mm, 10-20mm gravel, flux limestone gravel (such as 40-80) and other processes with less fine crushed materials in crushed stone products.

Finished particle size of building aggregate

Roller Crusher (LN crusher )
Roller Crusher (LN crusher )
Roller Crusher (LN crusher )

Finished particle size of flux limestone

Roller Crusher (LN crusher )
Roller Crusher (LN crusher )
Roller Crusher (LN crusher )

Features and Benefits of Roller Crusher (LN crusher )

High yield, less fine crushed materials, improved resource utilization

For building aggregate, the proportion of 0-5mm stone powder is less than 15%.
For flux limestone, 50-80mm stone accounts for more than 50%, 40-80mm stone accounts for more than 60%, and 0-5mm stone powder accounts for less than 6%

Grain shape regularit

Meet the requirements of high-quality concrete on aggregate grain size and the requirements of flux limestone on air permeability when calcining in the kiln.

Energy conservatio

Different from the traditional surface contact crushing, the new LN crusher uses point contact crushing. The crushing force acts on the pressure concentration of materials, greatly reducing the power los(Greatly reduce the installed capacity of traditional crusher)

High compressive and shear strengt

There are few and shallow micro cracks on the surface of finished aggregate products, and with high compressive strength and shear strength of finished aggregate products

Reduced investment and O&M costs of equipment in the rear section of the production line

Due to the substantial reduction of fine particles and powders in the finished products, the dust control and stone powder treatment equipment in the later stage are reduced, which reduces the equipment investment. At the same time, the installed capacity of dust control and stone powder treatment equipment is reduced, which greatly reduces the production, operation and maintenance costs

The finished aggregate is clean, and the fine powder is less attached, which reduces the use of concrete cementitious materials and the concrete mixing cost

In aggregate production, water mist is often used for dust removal. In the case of crushing, more fine powder will be attached to the aggregate surface, and the concrete plant will respond by adding cementitious materials (cement, etc.)when mixing, which will indirectly increase the cost of concrete; At the same time, the flux limestone material does not need to be cleaned

Simple maintenance, low cost of consumable

Patented feed adjustment device provides an accurate control of ratio between central feeding and the cascade. Hydracascade feed technology not only improved energy availability and increased throughput, but also managed product shape and fines content via cascade feed.

Simple maintenance, low cost of consumable

Roller Crusher (LN crusher ) adopts low-speed crushing,Wearing parts are made of alloy materials and treated with advanced technology (good toughness and wear resistance),Easy and fast replacement of wearing parts.

Product Data

Model Max Feeding Size (mm) Discharge Range (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Notes
SM-PZ1670A 200 0-100 250-350 55x2
SM-PZ1670BX 100 0-50 250-350 75x2
SM-PZ1880A 200 0-100 350-400 75x2
SM-PZ1880BX 100 0-50 350-400 90x2
SM-PZ2070A 200 0-100 400-500 75x2
SM-PZ2070BX 100 0-50 400-500 90x2
SM-PZ2070BXG 100 0-50 300-450 110x2 --
SM-PZ2110BX 120 0-50 700-900 132x2
SM-PZ2110BXG 120 0-50 600-750 160x2 --
SM-PZZ800A 350 0-100 800-1000 132x2
SM-PZZ1000A 350 0-100 1000-1250 160x2
SM-PZZ1000BX 150 0-50 850-1100 220x2
SM-PZZ1000BXG 150 0-50 700-900 250x2 --
SM-PZZ1200A 350 0-120 1200-1400 220x2
SM-PZZ1200BX 150 0-50 1150-1300 280x2
SM-PZZ1200BXG 150 0-50 500-1150 315x2 --
SM-PZZ1500A 400 0-150 1500-1750 315x2
SM-PZZ1600BX 200 0-50 1400-1650 900 High-voltage motor
SM-PZZ2000A 400 0-150 1800-2200 900 High-voltage motor

The equipment capacities listed are based on instantaneous sampling of medium hardness rocks. The above data is for reference only, please contact our engineers for equipment selection for specific projects.

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