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JC Series Jaw Crusher

Compared with traditional jaw crusher, JC series jaw crushers pays more attention on details in the process of design and manufacture. It uses high-strength materials, advanced manufacturing technology, which contributes to the stronger structure, higher reliability, larger crushing ratio, higher productivity, lower cost.



Max feeding size


Raw materials

River stone, gravel, granite, basalt, minerals, quartz, diabase, etc.


Mining, metallurgy, construction, highway, railroad, and water conservancy, etc.

Features and technology advantages of JC Series Jaw Crusher

Robust structure

There are two types of machine frame: welded model and assembled model. The former is for small and middle size, and the latter is for big size.

The welded type adopts large arc fillet and low stress welding method, greatly reduces the concentration stress which ensures rack equal strength in all directions, high impact resistance, even force, low failure rate.

Assembled uses advanced modularization and non-welded frame structure design of high fatigue strength and high reliability. Meanwhile machine assembly design makes transportation, and installation more convenient, especially suitable for installation in narrow and small places like undermine and high altitude mining.

Optimized cavity structure

Symmetrical V formed design, toggle of large obliquity, long stroke, reasonable rotor speed, allow larger materiel block in feeding, higher productivity, homogeneous output granule, less attrition for jaw plate.

The whole set of heavy movable jaw plate is durable

The whole set of heavy movable jaw plate integrates forged heavy eccentric shaft, high quality bearing of heavy loading, the design of movable jaw plate optimized by finite element analysis. These features assure the stroke resistance and stability. Labyrinth seal and centralized lubricating system prevent the greese of bearing not to be contaminated, and assure the easy lubrication which results in longer function and more stability.

Protective planch of movable jaw plate

Heavy protective planch installed above the movable jaw plate protects internal bearing from damage caused by material falling down in feeding moment.

One piece cast of bearing seat

One piece cast of bearing seat assures good match with frame, and avoids unnecessary radio direction pression for bearing in fastening process which occurs usually to composed bearing seat. Therefore, bearing can function more stably.

Fast and easy adjustment of output granularity

JC jaw crusher adopt mechanic or hydraulic device to adjust discharge opening. Compared with shim, adjustment by double block is simpler, saver, faster, and reduces downtime.

Installation integrating motor & crusher

Integrative installation of motor chassis and crusher frame not only saves installation space of jaw crusher but also reduces the length of Vee belt. Thanks to synchronous movement of crusher frame, motor chassis and motor. Adjustable motor chassis can realize the adjustment of Vee-belt's tensile force to make the Vee-belt more durable.

Shock absorber installation

The crusher is fixed by the device of special rubber shock absorber, which absorbs effectively the its vibration at the peak point and meanwhile, allows crusher to displace in vertical and horizontal direction. In this way, the shock to foundation would be reduced.


right side of jc 
left side of jc
jc production line1
jc production line2
jc production line3

Working principle of JC Series Jaw Crusher

The motor drives belt and pulley. The movable jaw swings up and down before and after through the eccentric shaft. When the movable pushes the movable jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate, the material is crushed or split into pieces. When the movable jaw and movable jaw plate springs back in the effect of eccentric shaft, the material previously have been crushed discharges from the discharge opening of the lower part. With the motor continuously rotating, the movable jaw breaks and discharges material periodically to achieve mass production.

Product Data

Technical Data of JC Series Jaw Crusher:

Model Size of Feed Opening(mm) Discharge Range(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw)
JC231 510x800 40-150 50-250 55-75
JC337 580x930 50-160 75-265 75-90
JC340 600x1060 60-175 85-300 75-90
JC3540 650x1060 110-225 120-400 75-90
JC442 700x1060 70-150 120-380 90-110
JC440 760x1020 70-200 120-520 90-132
JC443 850x1100 80-215 190-670 132-160
JC549 950x1250 110-250 315-845 160-200
JC549II 1000x1250 160-300 480-1105 160-200
JC5149 1050x1250 210-350 650-1310 160-200
JC555 1070x1400 125-250 385-945 160-220
JC5155 1170x1400 225-350 755-1425 160-220
JC649 1100x1250 125-300 400-1065 160-200
JC659 1200x1500 150-350 485-1425 200-250
JC663 1200x1600 150-350 520-1475 250-355
JC759 1300x1500 150-350 480-1300 220-315
JC771 1500x1800 150-350 590-1800 315-400
JC771(II) 1500x1800 150-400 590-2100 315-400
JC783 1500x2100 175-450 760-2700 400-500
The crusher capacities listed are based on instantaneous sampling of medium hardness rocks. The above data is for reference only, please contact our engineers for equipment selection for specific projects. The crusher output shown in the above figures is based on crushing medium fragile rocks with an average specific gravity of 2.7t/m³, when the feed materials enter the crushing chamber smoothly without bridging and blocking. The small value is taken when the feed materials are not smaller than the discharge port. The large value is taken when the fine materials are included in the feed materials. The output may vary with the feeding method and material nature such as grain size composition, water and mud content, bulk density and friability.

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