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Track-mounted mobile crusher features and benefits

Sanme track-mounted mobile crushing plant main features and benefits

1.High performance engine make this mobile crusher plant cost less oil, produce less noise and have a more reliable performance and provide an economical and environmental power.

2.Employing fully rigid boat structure, the chassis features high strength, low contact pressure, good passing ability and good adaptability to hilly and marsh areas.

3.The operating system with imported direct servo technique can be easily and precisely controlled and travel in an infinite variable speed.

4.One completed system, can be easily and quickly set up and relocated at site without other special preparation and modification.

5.The track-mounted crushing plant is an integrated equipment of material receiver, material crusher, and conveyor. With perfected process, good performance in rock crushing, integration production, and open cut mining crushing can be obtained. With a different combination of different models, a powerful working line will be formed to implement required assignment.