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Advantages and Market Prospect of Cone Crusher

The rapid development of China economy contributes a lot to the rapid development of the real estate and the high way, which makes the crusher industry develop rapidly.

The sales market of cone crusher gradually develops, sales volume of cone crusher sharply increases than the past years.

The design of the cone crusher is novel. It adopts new concept crushing technology which can meet different crushing requirements. This machine does not only offer high crushing ratio, but also offer fine and uniform product shape, low consumption is also its attractive point. This cone crusher has no requirement to the material humidity. It is suitable for any hard fragile material, can be used for crushing kinds of mineral materials. The cone crusher proves itself through a large project that it has excellent application prospect.

The total global crushed material is up to 10 thousand billion per year, the number in China is about 1800 billion ton. Iron ore is about 2.4 hundred billion ton, non-ferrous metal ore exceeds 1 hundred billion ton, non metallic mineral material is up to 2.3 hundred billion ton, chemical mineral material is about 0.3 hundred ton, concrete 4 hundred billion ton, construction limestone 4.7 hundred billion ton, power consumption is up to 2500 hundred billion kW-h, steel consumption is up to 250 hundred billion ton. Therefore, energy-saving and high tech. crusher is in need. It is the developing trend of crusher industry in the future. As for this point, Shanghai Sanme makes great contribution to the crusher industry.

Cone crusher offers high production, its novel design sharply decreases its maintenance and upkeep cost, which highly improves its efficiency. Compared to the traditional crushing equipments, cone crusher, acting as the fine crushing equipment, can offer high crushing ratio, fine and uniform product shape, low consumption. Furthermore, it can crush fragile material of any kind hardness. Cone crusher is a kind of energy-saving and super fine crushing equipment.