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800 Billion for Railway Construction Plans Will Benefit Mining Machinery Industry

Sep 5th 2012, National Reform and Development Commission approved railway construction plans of 25 cities, it is predicted that the total investment will exceed 800 billion. The approved content involves 19 cities, two districts and one route.

The approved railway construction plans will benefit associated equipment and construction enterprise directly. The State Council came out <“12th 5-year Plan” Comprehensive Transportation System Plan> which required that a batch of large railway items should be finished. Premier Wen jiabao pointed out that 500 billion RMB investment for railway should be ensured. <High-end Equipment Manufacturing “12th 5-year Plan”> also requires that railway high speed transportation network, large-capacity freight channel and city railway transportation construction should meet the needs.

The approved railway transportation construction item will drive the demand of gravel aggregate. We need crushing and screening equipment, stone production line and sand production line to produce gravel and aggregate, therefore, the crushing and screening equipment will be drove to grow in the machinery market.