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Technological Process of Molybdenum Ore Dressing

Molybdenum is a kind of metallic element, leaden color, with metallic luster, belonging to hexagonal crystal system. Proportion is 4.7~4.8, hardness is 1~1.5, melting point is 795℃, when being heated to 400~500℃, MoS2 is easy to oxidize and generate into MoS3, both nitric acid and aqua regia can make molybdenite (MoS2) dissolve. Molybdenum possesses advantages of high strength, high melting point, anti-corrosion, wear-resisting, etc. Therefore it has a wide application in industry.

China has half a century history in molybdenum ore dressing, gap between technological process of molybdenum ore dressing in China and the foreign countries is smaller and smaller.

Molybdenum ore dressing equipments include: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral grading machine, mineral product agitation barrel, flotation machine, thickener, drying machine, etc.

Flotation dressing method is the main method for molybdenum ore dressing in China. When choosing ore which mainly contains molybdenum ore and a little copper, the technological process of part bulk preferential flotation is adopted. At present, molybdenum is recycled from copper molybdenum ore in China, the frequently used technological process is copper molybdenum bulk flotation, than to process separation between copper and molybdenum and fine dressing of molybdenum concentrate.

Technological process of molybdenum ore dressing includes: molybdenum ore dressing, copper molybdenum ore dressing, tungsten copper molybdenum ore dressing and molybdenum bismuth ore dressing to produce molybdenum concentrate, etc.

Frequently used methods are sodium sulphid method and sodium cyanide method, to separate copper and molybdenum, finely select molybdenum concentrate. Times for molybdenum concentrate mainly depend on total concentration ratio of molybdenum. Generally speaking, if the total concentration ratio is high, then the times for fine selection is more; if the total concentration ratio is low, times for fine selection is less. For example, the grade of raw ore processed by Luanchuan molybdenum ore beneficiation plant is higher (0.2%~0.3%), concentration ratio is 133~155, it’s original designed fine selection times are . As for Jindui Chengyi Beneficiation Plant, the grade of molybdenum is 0.1%, concentration ratio is 430~520, the fine selection times reach 12.

Technological Process of Molybdenum Ore Dressing

1, The molybdenum shall be processed for coarse crushing by jaw crusher, then the fine jaw crusher crushes the ore into reasonable degree of fitness, the crushed materials would be delivered into stock bin by elevator.

2, The materials would be delivered to the ball mill uniformly for grinding.

3, The fine ore materials after grinding is delivered to the spiral grading machine which will wash and grade the ore mixture relying on the principle that the proportion of solid particle is different, the sedimentation rate is different in liquid.

4, After being agitated in agitator, it is delivered to the flotation machine for flotation operation. Correspondent flotation reagent shall be added according to different mineral characteristics, the bubble and the ore particle crash dynamically, combination of bubble and ore particle separate statically, which makes the needed ore be separated from other substances. It is good for beneficiation of fine particle or micro-fine particle.

5, Use high-efficient concentrator to eliminate the water wich is contained in the fine ore after flotation, reaching nation’s regulated standard.