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Technological Process of Copper Ore Dressing

China possesses rich copper ores. There are sixty two million four hundred and thirty-three thousand tons, ranking at 7.

Copper ore dressing equipments include: jaw crusher, vibrating screen (optional), ball mill, spiral grading machine, magnetic separator, floatation machine, concentrated barrel and dryer.

Copper ore dressing processes can be divided into three parts:
1, crushing part: basic procedures for crushing iron ore. The purpose is to crush the raw ore into appropriate size which is suitable for grinding.
2, grinding part: to grind crushed part, further process the ore to get smaller size, in order to match up with floatation separation materials.
3, floatation part: the floatation procedure is an important process for upgrading copper ore. Chemical reagent is added into mixer.

The ores will be processed for primary crushing by jaw crusher, it will be delivered into ball mill by elevator and vibrating feeder after it is crushed into reasonable size, the ball mill will crush and grind the ores.

The fine material grinded by the ball mill will go into the next process: grading. By virtue of the principle that the difference of specific gravity of solid particle would lead to difference of precipitation speed in liquid, the spiral grading machine will clean and grade the ore mixture. When the ore mixture after washing and grading go through magnetic separator, magnetic substance is extracted from the mixture by magnetic force and machinery force due to difference of specific susceptibility of varied ores, the ore particles after separated by magnetic separator will be delivered into floatation machine, the different medicines will be added according to different ore properties, which will make the acquired ore be separated from other substances.

The acquired ore substances after being separated must be concentrated by thickener due to large content of waste, and then be dried; the dry ore will be acquired. Grade of copper flavor powder reaches 45%.