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Holcim-Lafarge Cement Mega-merger Creates Cement Giant

On April 7, 2014, the two biggest cement supplier in the world - - LafargeSA of France and Holcim of Switzerland officially announced merge agreement details, a cement giant with combined sales of €32bn will be born!

Holcim-Lafarge Cement Mega-merger Creates Cement Giant

The partners billed the industry's biggest ever tie-up as a merger of equals, under which Lafarge shareholders receive one Holcim share for every Lafarge share held. The expected total annual savings from joining forces will exceed €14bn. It is the biggest merger case in the world. It would bring together Holcim's strength in marketing with Lafarge's innovative edge and could generate substantial savings. WolfgangReitzle will hold the post of chairm and BrunoLafont, the current president of Lafarge will be president of the new firm.

Lafarge and Holcim are already among the world’s largest suppliers of cement, crushed stone and sand and gravel, both of which are customers of SANME. SANME firmly believes that the two will jointly create greater progress for cement industry. Meanwhile, SANME has a strong desire to further cooperate with Lafarge and Holcim!

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