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Analysis for Current Situation of Construction Waste

According to the gross statistics, 500~600 tons construction waste will be produced from the construction work per ten thousand square meters; furthermore, 7000~12000 tons construction waste will be produced by the demolition of the old construction per ten thousand square meters. According to the incomplete statistics, the demolition of the old construction during urban and rural construction will produce the construction waste up to 0.2 billion tons.

The main components of the construction waste include: soil, muck, scrap steel, iron wire and kinds of scrap parts, metal pipe, scrap material, waste wood, wood flour, wood shavings, the package box and package bags for kinds of decoration material, the scattered mortar and concrete, brickbat and broken concrete blocks, scattered yellow sand, stone and rock block produced during carrying process, these materials occupy 80% of the total construction waste.

Recycling rate of the construction waste is up to 95%. Taking the regeneration brick for example, compared with the solid clay brick, to produce 0.15 billions brick, it will save 0.24 million square meters soils, dispose 0.4 million tons construction waste. 340 acres land will be saved. Moreover, 40 thousand tons coal ash will be disposed during the process of making brick, save 15 thousand tons standard coal, reduce 360 tons sulfur dioxide.

Construction waste recycling will not only bring great environment efficiency, but also produce great economic benefit. The construction waste recycling rate exceeds 90% every year in the European Union countries. The rate in Korea and Japan is up to 97%.

According to the statistics, the production value of the resource recycling industry for the developed countries is up to 600 billion US dollars till the beginning of the 21st century. America resource recycling industry offers 1.1 million positions, the annual sales volume is up to 236 billion US dollars!

The construction waste is an invisible gold mine!