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Sanme crusher, on the way

HCM magazine

As the infrastructure and mine energy source’s fast development in China, the crushed equipment market after experienced a hard times begin to step up the pace of development. Especially after the economic crisis, the government has take a serious of programs to stimulate the economy which brings crushed equipment market to a break point. And for this reason HCM——a famous magazine in China highway construction industry, made a special interview in Aug 2010 Issue.

Five top crushed equipment manufacturer were invited to the interview. They are Kees Hoogendoorn the present of Keestrack construction equipment Co.,Ltd. Fang Qingxi the chairman of south highway machinery Co., Ltd. Yan Yi the Vice-president of Sandvik Mining and Construction Machinery Co., Ltd(north Asia). Zhang Yuankai the Vice-president of Shanghai Sanme Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Liang Xiaofeng the Vice-president of metso corporation(China). All companies made a detail analysis about the crushed equipment market’s present and plans for the future. In China companies such as Metso、Sandvik occupied the majority market share of high-end、huge crushed equipment market. While for the actual needs, Small and Medium-sized equipment market will continued to grow at a relatively rapid speed.

Shanghai Sanme Mining Machinery Co., Ltd as the leading manufacturer of crushed equipment in China, It’s equipment has applied in many national Water Conservancy and Hydropower Projects and dispose of construction waste after earthquake and so on. As the market demand’s creasing Shanghai Sanme also actively trying to make an entrance to the high-end market of crushed equipment. The new production base in Fengxiang will put into operation at the end of year 2010. This production base is face to the overseas market and it’s production capacity will be in the top three in China. In addition, Shanghai Sanme have set a training and service establishment. It’s not only supply parts and after service assistant but also supply training and technical support on terms.