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SANME SMS3000 Enters Korea, Be a Partner of METSO HP300

In June, 2014, Shanghai SANME SMS3000 Hydraulic Cone Crusher which was purchased by a famous concrete batching plant of Korea was put into operation in Korea, used for improving capacity of production line. SANME crusher got recognition of foreign customers once again!

It is understood that the equipment used for old concrete production line of this batching plant is METSO HP300, in consideration of improving production capacity, the old production line was reconstructed, for which a hydraulic cone crusher was needed. Through multiple comparisons, Korea customers threw their eyes to China market, and finally chose SANME SMS3000 Hydraulic Cone Crusher.

SANME SMS3000 Enters Korea, Be a Partner of METSO HP300
Left: METSO HP300, Right: SANME SMS3000

SANME SMS3000 Hydraulic Cone Crusher adopts international advanced technology, possessing superior performance. Design of fixed spindle makes stress of each part more reasonable, power conversion more efficient, it can use larger eccentric distance and higher rotation speed to get higher capacity; with the same diameter of crushing wall, the optimized cavity design offers longer crushing stroke and larger crushing ratio! The Korea customers appreciate this superior performance.

“Left METSO, Right SANME”, comparative productivity, energy-saving power, SANME will stick to principle of energy-saving and environmental protection to offer superior crushing equipment and service to our customers.