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Bauma week

After one-year preparations, our company ushered Bauma exhibition in the golden Nov. It was really a busy week but also a happy week, our products attracted so many attentions from customers in worldwide.

Be with customers is really a pleasant thing. Our colleagues welcomed clients from the airport, show Shanghai’s famous sight and bring delicious local food to our foreign friends. Yes, we took our customers as our friend not only business relationship.

During the exhibition times, Sanme welcomed countless people all over the world. Our colleagues answered customers’ questions about products patiently. They led customers looking around the machines and explained all detail information that customers wanted to know.

For the huge area of the exhibition occupied, some customers tired of walking. Sanme meet and understand all customers need. At this moment, have a sit around the table with a cup of coffee and a view on our worksite photos and videos. Sanme prepared every detail for our customers.

All we wanna do is better service for our customers. We believe that through the Bauma exhibition people knew more about Sanme and more about our advanced products.