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Chemical Fertilizer Crushing

Chemical Fertilizer Crushing

Design output

According to customer needs


Chemical Fertilizer


Chemical Fertilizer crushing


HC impact crusher, Vibrating Feeder, Inclined Vibrating Screen, Belt conveyor.

Introduction of chemical fertilizer

Chemical fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer made by chemical and physical methods, which contains one or several nutrients needed for the growth of crops. Also called inorganic fertilizer, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micro fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc.

Chemical fertilizer crushing process

Generally, the impact crusher is used to crush the fertilizer. The maximum feeding size is 300mm and the discharging size is 2-5mm.

Large pieces of fertilizer are evenly fed by the vibrating feeder from the bin and transported to the impact crusher for crushing.

The crushed materials are screened by the vibrating screen, of which 2-5mm of materials enter the bin and materials larger than 5mm are sent back to the impact crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary crushing.

Technical description:

1. This process is designed according to the parameters provided by the customer. This flow chart is for reference only.

2. The actual construction should be adjusted according to the terrain.

3. The mud content of the material cannot exceed 10%, and the mud content will have an important impact on the output, equipment and process.

4. SANME can provide technological process plans and technical support according to the actual requirements of customers, and can also design non-standard supporting components according to the actual installation conditions of customers.

Chemical Fertilizer Crushing Project Case