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SMG Series Cone Crusher

SMG series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher are advanced technology of cone crusher in the world, not only provides the features of high reliability, but also with the features of high crushing efficiency, low operation cost, good shape of the end products.



Max feeding size


Raw materials

Iron ore, copper ore, slag, pebbles, quartz, granite, basalt, diabase, etc.


Metallurgical, aggregate, building material industries, etc.

Features of SMG Series Cone Crusher

Optimized cavity, higher capacity,better quality

SMG series hydraulic cone crusher is designed for optional variety of cavities. By selecting suitable cavities and eccentricity, it ensures the producing demand of customer in maximum and realizes high capacity.

SMG Series Cone Crusher

Resistant wear part consumption and low operation cost

The discharging open can be adjusted timely and conveniently with hydraulic adjusting design, which realizes full load operation, lowers wear parts consumption and reduces operating cost.

SMG Series Cone Crusher

Easy cavities exchange

Due to the same body structure, we can get different crushing cavity by changing liner plate to fulfill the various processing for coarse and fine crushing.

SMG Series Cone Crusher

Advanced hydraulic technology offers easy operation and maintenance

Due to adopting advanced hydraulic technology, overload protection can effectively be realized, which simplify the structure of crusher and reduces its weight. All maintenance and inspection can be fulfilled on the top of crusher, which ensures easy maintenance.

SMG Series Cone Crusher

Large feeding opening design

Large feeding opening design is adopted by S type SMG series cone crusher to provide good combination with primary jaw crusher, which greatly improves the crushing capacity. While processing gravels, it can replace jaw crusher and be used as primary crusher.


SMG series cone crusher production line  SMG series cone crusher close-up

SMG crusher Production workshop  Side view of SMG series cone crusher

SMG series cone crusher long-distance close-up  SMG crusher product feature

Working principle of SMG Series Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The crushing structure of SMG series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher makes the crusher adjustment conveniently, and can adjust the discharge opening freely and simply. The intelligenceauto- control system can keep the crusher at the best work situation, and realizes automatic compensation function between the plate of inner and outer awls.We can set and adjust the discharge opening exactly through the operation panel, also can fulfill the wearing capacity of wear part by several buttons on the control panel. Meanwhile, by adopting the single-cylinder structure, the whole crusher body is compact and greatly reduces the channel for oiling and adjustment structure outside.

SMG Series Cone Crusher
SMG Series Cone Crusher

Product Data

Technical Data of SMG Series Secondary Cone Crusher

Model Max Feeding Size(mm) Moter power(kw) Capacities(t/h) Total weight(kg)
SMG100S 240 90 70-165 7500
SMG200S 360 160 105-330 12000
SMG300S 450 250 215-586 22500
SMG500S 500 315 290-860 36300

Technical Data of SMG Series Tertiary Cone Crusher

Model Max Feeding Size(mm) Moter power(kw) Capacities(t/h) Total weight(kg)
SMG100 150 90 25-120 5700
SMG200 200 160 63-215 9500
SMG300 215 250 95-396 17500
SMG500 275 315 175-638 28000
SMG700 300 520 350-1502 53000
SMG800 370 600 241-2185 75000

Note:Capacity is the total production tons of open circuit when the material bulk density to be crushed is 1.6t/m3. Production capacity will be affected by physics character of material and feeding method, feeding size and material composition, and so on.