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Russian Customers’ Acceptance on Sanme PP Crushing Plant

On July 4th 2013, Russian customers came to Sanme to do the acceptance for their pre-ordered crushing plant. They visited Sanme factory entirely accompanied by the Director of the Foreign Trade Department. They carefully inspected the two pre-ordered PP Series Portable Crushing Plants and did a comprehensive test for the product performance; they were so satisfied with the test procedure and the result.

Russian Customers’ Acceptance on Sanme PP Crushing Plant

Sanme technician presented that the portable crushing plants the Russian customers purchased are the products with the highest performance in the present market. The landing leg and the vibrating screen adopt hydraulic lifting type; All belt conveyors are mobile, which make the complete mobile production line more convenient, with higher automatic performance. In the material aspect, the wearing parts of main machine adopt wear-resisting material, which not only extend the lifetime of the machine, but also decrease the operation cost for customers, creating higher value for our customers.

Sanme Director of Foreign Trade Department said: Sanme shows strict working attitude and superior product quality to our Russian Customers through this inspection, Sanme gets more details about the Russian Market through the active and timely communication with the customers, which makes great contribution to the development in the Russian Market. Sanme will firmly keep shares of the Russian market.